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Southern California employers often violate the law because they believe that their employees will do nothing about it or because they are simply unaware of their need to comply. Either way, the employees pay the price. This is particularly troubling when employers regularly violate state and federal wage laws as they pertain to all of their employees. These violations frequently go unaddressed because they are often minor and amount to only a small sum, making many employees reluctant to complain about them. In that circumstance, a class action may be necessary to vindicate the employee’s rights.

Because Altus Law Firm specializes in wage and hour class actions, it is able to identify and litigate these violations on behalf of large groups of employees. If you suspect your employer is violating the law not only with you but other similarly situated employees, you may want to explore bringing a class action lawsuit on behalf of all employees. Contact an Irvine class action attorney at Altus Law Firm to have your questions answered.

How Do Class Actions Work?

A class action lawsuit is filed with one or several named plaintiffs on behalf of a proposed class. In a wage and hour class action, the proposed class consists of a group of employees who have suffered a common injury, such as unpaid minimum wages. After the class action lawsuit is initiated, the court must decide whether the lawsuit should proceed on behalf of the proposed class. In deciding upon this, the court typically focuses on issues such as whether the named plaintiffs are sufficiently representative of the proposed class and whether the employer has engaged in a policy, pattern or practice that affects the proposed class as a whole. One such example of this is a time-rounding policy in which all hourly employees are not paid for all of the minutes they work.

Two of the most common class action claims that an Irvine employment lawyer and class action specialist, such as Altus Law Firm, deals with are the following:

  • Unpaid Overtime. An Irvine class action attorney can tell you that if you work more than eight hours in a day or forty hours in a week, you may be entitled to overtime.
  • Meal and Rest Breaks. An Irvine class action lawyer can explain to you that to be eligible for such breaks, an employee typically needs to work a certain number of hours. Talk to Altus Law Firm to learn more about liability for these breaks.

Contact an Irvine Class Action Lawyer

If you believe that you belong to a class of employees that has been wronged by your employer, contact Irvine class action specialist Altus Law Firm to learn your available options for relief. Class action claims can be very complicated but you can work with experienced counsel by contacting Altus Law Firm at 949-346-3391.

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