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Altus Law Firm is an Orange County Employment Law Firm dedicated to honing our skills and consistently improving our law practice. While other firms may boast a broad array of practice areas, we have chosen to narrow our focus to employment and labor law in Southern California and ensure our clients are offered the highest quality representation for their unique legal issues.

  • Employment Class Actions – Southern California employers often violate the law because they believe that their employees will do nothing about it or because they are simply unaware of their need to comply.
  • Wrongful Termination – Absent a written employment contract that specifies a definite term of employment, employment in California is generally at the will of either the employer or employee. Despite this general rule, there are circumstances where the termination of an employee may be considered wrongful and give rise to a legal claim by the employee.
  • Harassment – Harassment may be defined as any offensive, unwanted conduct that is intended to intimidate or make a person feel uncomfortable. Harassment directed toward a member of a protected class of individuals is illegal.
  • Discrimination – If an employer treats an employee unfairly based upon that employee’s status as a member of a protected class, a cause of action for employment discrimination may be brought by a attorney.
  • Meal and Rest Periods – Employees in California are entitled to scheduled meal and rest periods in the course of their workday. The primary factor determining how many breaks the employee is legally required to have is the number of hours worked.
  • Expense Reimbursement – Despite the seemingly straight forward requirement that an employer reimburse employees for all necessary and reasonable expenses related to work, Altus Employment Law cites many examples of employers’ refusal to do so.
  • Leaves of Absence – The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the California Family Rights Act (CFRA) gives certain employees in California rights concerning leaves of absence from their jobs under both federal law and state law
  • Retaliation – It is a violation of California law for an employer to subject an employee to an adverse employment action due to an employee’s engagement in a protected activity as defined under the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA.)
  • Whistleblower Protection – As a matter of policy, the state of California encourages employees who have a good faith belief that their employer is engaging in illegal conduct or activities to report that activity to the proper authority.
  • Unpaid Overtime – California law requires all employees who are non-exempt to receive overtime for hours worked in excess of 8 hours in one day and in excess of 40 in any week. However, many employers fail to follow the law, either mistakenly or intentionally in an effort to increase profits.
  • Independent Contractor Classification – Many employers misclassify workers as independent contractors rather than employees for an economic benefit derived from not paying payroll taxes, workers compensation and employee benefits.
  • Training and Workplace Investigations – Training to prevent any form of employment-related misconduct or a workplace investigation to address an allegation of an impropriety is often best handled by an independent third party who can provide impartiality, objectivity, and specialized knowledge.
  • Contract Negotiation – Prior to entering into an employment contract or before renewing one, negotiations can be an opportunity to advance one’s interests and be certain of the terms regarding both parties’ rights and obligations.
  • Disability Accommodation – Disabled employees have a right to be provided reasonable accommodations, as guaranteed by both federal and state law.

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As one of the preeminent Orange County California law firms litigating on behalf employees, Altus Law Firm handles virtually every type of employment-related lawsuit. This doesn’t mean that every case is routine, however. Altus Law Firm approaches each case individually, employing innovative and creative approaches to achieve the best possible results.

And with over 15 years of experience practicing exclusively in employment law on behalf of both employers and employees, we bring a unique and valuable perspective that other firms simply cannot match. It is this attention to detail and extensive experience that has made Altus Law Firm a leader in the legal community and resulted in a reputation as a premier Southern California employment law firm.

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