Training and Workplace Investigations

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Training and Workplace Investigations

Workplace Investigations and TrainingTraining to prevent any form of employment-related misconduct or a workplace investigation to address an allegation of an impropriety is often best handled by an independent third party who can provide impartiality, objectivity, and specialized knowledge.


Training is an important part of being proactive in avoiding potential workplace complaints and perhaps even lawsuits. While all employees must be aware of appropriate conduct, specialized training which can be provided by an Irvine employment law lawyer is especially valuable for:

  • In house counsel
  • Human resource personnel
  • Supervisors

Proper training can address issues such as how to identify, prevent and correct incidences of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. In addition, topics like accommodating the religious needs of employees or special accommodations for those disabled workers can be explored.

Workplace Investigations

The potential for significant financial or legal liability and negative publicity underscore the importance of thoroughly investigating all claims of workplace misconduct. An experienced Irvine employment law lawyer can determine the appropriate scope of the investigation, create a discovery plan and complete a detailed investigative report.

Typical workplace investigations include:

  • Allegations of harassment, discrimination or retaliation
  • Whistle blower claims
  • Wage and hour violations
  • Workplace violence
  • Accident investigations

Approach to Workplace Investigations

The nature of a workplace investigation requires a tactful, discrete approach that nonetheless results in uncovering the facts. The investigator must be sensitive to the fact that those employees cooperating with the investigation may wish to remain anonymous. To the extent possible, the investigator will maintain confidentiality while interviewing the complainant, the accused and all witnesses and reviewing emails and other documentation relevant to the incident. At the conclusion of the investigation, a report will be submitted summarizing the findings and will include a recommended approach. Should litigation be necessary, the report can be used in court.

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